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Happy Birthday Marley!

Today my sweet baby girl turned 9 years old!  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up.  In honor of her silly self, this is – word for word – a voicemail that she left for me Sunday night when she was spending the night at my mom’s house.

Sunday night, February 20th at 8:20pm – from Marley to me:

(all in one breath) – “Hi Mommy I wanted to call you I’m about to watch Ghost Whisperer but you can even ask Mama because we went by a train and it had 106 cars in it right?”  (Mama in the background said, “Right!”) Marley continues, very excited now, “And that’s right because it’s TRUE!  106 FREAKIN’ CARS! (Calmer now…)”Call me back cuz I love you.  And I like pie.”