Dear blog…I’ve missed you

Dear blog,

I know I haven’t been by to visit lately, but, well…life happened.  It does that sometimes, and it’s not always fun or easy or happy.  But you can’t stop it.  My family and I have been dealing with the loss of my sweet father-in-law and we’ll be picking up the pieces and working on finding a new “normal” for a while. 

So, dear blog, I’m sure you understand that this past week has been complete hell, but I have really missed you.  I have a lot that I’m working on, because when I need to get my mind off of things, I craft.  So, I’ll be sharing some things that I’ve been working on.  Crafting and scrapbooking is amazingly therapeutic for me.

I’m also hoping to update the blog itself over the next few weeks, and make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. 

So there.  I promise to be nice to you, dear blog, from now on.  I won’t neglect you anymore.  Promise.


Kirsten  XOXO


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