The thing is…

So, as you can see by the little badge over to the right –> I’m participating in the Post A Week 2011, which means that at least once a week, I’ll blog about one of the topics posted on that blog.  This is the first week that I’m participating, and I really like the topic that was posted the other day:  What’s the most important thing you’re putting off?

Well, I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a business for quite some time.  This time last year, I actually sat down over the course of several weeks and devoured an incredible book called “The Boss of You” by Lauren Bacon & Emira Mears.  I have a full spiral bound notebook of ideas and business stuff that I wrote while reading this book.  I’ve read so many blogs and books about starting my own business, I’ve researched other businesses similar to what I want to do, I’ve made countless notes and have a billion ideas.  And the only thing holding me back is fear.

I’m terrified.  The sad part is, I can’t even allow myself to be terrified of failure because I’m too terrified to even make the attempt!  The business that I want to start is something that will require a lot of my time because it’s something that requires a lot of creativity and hands-on crafting skills, as well as photography and editing.  Also, my target market would be higher income families, which means I’d have to spend some serious dollars on marketing.  I just got out of debt a year ago so I’m terrified of getting back into debt trying to do something amazing.

Anyway, that’s the most important thing.  I really have every intention of getting the business off the ground.  I feel like every day that I go to work and sit in my office is a day wasted.  I can’t be creative and crafty at my current job.  I have so many ideas that are just bursting to get out!  I plan on spending a good deal of time at the beginning of this year working on a real solid business plan and trying to move this “idea” into more of a “real business”.  I’ve got to stop being afraid and just take one baby step at a time. 

In the meantime, this is my motivation.  My drive.  My determination.  My reason for being.  I love her more than I ever imagined was possible.  No matter how crazy life gets (and it definitely does!) and no matter how stressful my job is (today was really crazy), she always brings me back to Earth and reminds me to just have fun!


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